Join us for an Orthodox Christmas menu delicious dinner:

Orthodox Christmas Eve and holidays 2019

7-8 January 2019

Christmas menu,

served in the form of tasting menu or dinner and supper in one menu.

1.Dinner and supper in one menu

consisting of four dishes

Beetroot soup with mushrooms or dumplings

Carp in jelly

Gołąbek with groats / goose neck and sauerkraut with cinnamon and dumplings

Ravioli stuffed with pears

PLN 120 per person

2. Tasting Menu

consisting of six dishes

Pancakes with sturgeon caviar and sour cream

Fish soup

Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms

Beef sirloin with chestnuts and whiskey mousse


gołąbek with potatoes / porridge

Pancakes with apples

Chocolates and a glass of sparkling wine

PLN 215 per person

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